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What is a tapered roller bearing?

A tapered roller bearing is a customizable bearing that can be adjusted according to your speed, load, temperature, and application requirements.
A tapered roller bearing features an inner and outer raceway, with tapered rollers between them. This enables them to meet at a common axis of the bearing. Unlike other bearings, tapered roller bearings can handle both radial and axial loads. Not only this, they can carry large amounts of load in either direction. Tapered roller bearing application is in agriculture, mining, propellers, engines, and construction.
However, in that case, single row rolling bearings are limited because they can only take high axial loads from one direction. But if you adjust it against a second tapered roller bearing, it will counteract the axial load. This allows the bearing to support a high load from multiple directions. Pairing tapered roller bearings are very useful and are commonly used in car wheels because they can handle their high radial and axial forces.


Components of tapered roller bearings

Taper Roller Bearing Design

The significant parts of taper roller bearing include the outer ring, the inner ring, and numerous tapered rollers. The outer ring forms the cup part of the assembly. The cone assembly of the bearing includes the inner circle, the cage, and the rollers. Learn about the different components of tapered roller bearing design involved in bearing design to make the best use of them.


The rollers used in these bearings are tapered rollers. The contact angle and number of rows in bearings determine their load type and carrying capacity. A larger contact angle can handle axial loads in one direction, while a smaller contact angle can handle radial loads. Increasing the number of rollers can increase the load carrying capacity of the bearing.


The cage is part of the inner cone assembly and helps distribute the roller units evenly. They ensure the even distribution of the load and smooth rotation. The flange allows keeping this cage in place with the cone and rollers. The commonly used cage type is the pin cage. These cages can be made from metals, but typically used ones are made from polymer.


Seal is an important component of the bearing as it prevents the entry of contaminants into the bearing. These contaminants may hamper the proper functioning of the bearings. These seals can be contact seals or non-contact seals. The use of contact seals might increase the friction due to the presence of the rubberized seal component sliding against the bearing. The non-contact seal does not cause friction as it allows a small gap between the bearing and the seal.

Tapered Roller Bearings

Features & benefits


Low friction, noise, and vibration.


Long service life.


Separable and interchangeable.


Can bear the combined bearing and radial load.

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Bearing classification

Types of tapered roller bearings

Our Taper Roller Bearings are available in both metric and imperial systems. According to the number of rows installed, this type of bearing is divided into single-row, double-row, and four-row tapered roller bearings.

Single row tapered roller bearings

These rollers provide a smooth user experience because of their roller action and low frictional operation. These bearings support combined loads and are very durable.

Double row tapered roller bearings

The double row tapered roller bearing consists of two cones and double cups. This type of bearing ensures effective separation. These are commonly used in gearboxes, lifting equipment, mills, and mining machinery.

Four rows tapered roller bearing

Four-row tapered roller bearings are one kind of roll neck bearings; their radial and axial loading capacity are high, they can carry heavy axial loads in two directions, and their radial loading capacity is three times heavier than single-row tapered roller bearings, but limiting speed is lower. They are mainly used in the working roll necks of hot or cold rolling mills and roll necks of cogging mills.

frequently asked questions

Some FAQ

The basic requirements for installation are as follows: specially trained installation personnel shall check the tolerance of bearing mating surface, keep the installation site clean, open the bearing package after the installation is ready, and do not clean the anti-rust oil of the bearing.1. The mating surface of Tapered Roller Bearingsmust be coated with a thin layer of installation paste in order to prevent the friction corrosion of the roller neck and the mating surface of the bearing seat. The end cover of the roller body is fixed on the bearing seat with bolts, and the opening of the bearing seat is placed upward on the plane support.2. Install the seal screw, loosen the end cover bolt, remove the end cover, insert the seal with the required thickness into the end cover, and coat the inner ring hole with grease to complete the installation.3. Installation of sealed Tapered Roller Bearingswith the aid of a special lifting device to install sealed Tapered Roller Bearingsin a given order, the bearing assembly is completely assembled on the lifting device.
What are the basic installation requirements for tapered roller bearings?

Bearing grease is the basis for ensuring smooth, worry-free operation and maximum reliability of bearings, even in the most extreme working conditions.The grease prevents contaminants from entering bearings, cushions impact loads and prevents corrosion.Selecting suitable grease in practical application is the basic condition to obtain the maximum service life of bearings.1. A layer of oil film is formed between the two rolling surfaces or sliding surfaces in contact with each other to separate the two surfaces to reduce the friction and wear of the contact surface.2. When using oil lubrication, especially when using circulating oil lubrication, oil mist lubrication and oil spray lubrication, the lubricating oil can take away most of the friction heat inside the bearing and play an effective role in heat dissipation.3. When using grease lubrication, it can prevent external dust and other foreign bodies from entering tapered roller bearings and play a sealing role.
The importance of proper use and maintenance of lubricated tapered roller bearings?

The most common material is bearing steel bearing, bearing the internal organization of uniformity, chemical composition, the content of non-metallic inclusions, and carbide particle size and distribution status are very strict, and the degree of decarburization; otherwise, these defects will significantly shorten the service life of bearing and applicability of materials. Bearing life and reliability and the structure design of the bearing, the materials, hot and cold processing technology and related equipment, installation and use conditions, among them, the material and heat treatment is one of the main factors affecting the service life of bearing and feasibility. Because of the influence of the material and heat treatment process, as the low strength of materials, the purity and metal fiber orientation are not reasonable, low hardness, improper forging ratio, prominent residual stress factors such as easy to make the bearing damage.
What are the basic requirements for making tapered roller bearing materials?

application of tapered roller bearings

The tapered roller bearing is used in many industrial applications. It is ideal for guides that have to undergo extreme loads. It is also found in applications where radial loads are important and rotational speeds are high.Tapered roller bearings are essential in sectors such as agriculture, construction, mining, engines and propellers. At the industrial level, paper mills, cement plants and oil companies are some examples of environments where tapered roller bearings are found.

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